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Full Circle with a Tale book front coverBOOK INTRODUCTION
From Full Circle with a Tale 

My journey through the ages has brought me full circle from my earliest memories of life in Southeastern Louisiana. However my trip has taken me to places and given me the opportunity to witness historical happenings and introduced me to some of the famous names that graced or disgraced history during my lifetime. With the telling of this story it is an amazing journey that took me from farm life to unionism, to public service, to politics and in doing so, brushed up against many interesting characters including some of the top political and mafia leaders. Only in this great country we call The United States of America it is possible for a person to go from a small country farm in Louisiana to Washington, DC and have some impact on history while it was being made.  

This writing is not to be a church writing or an evangelistic tool. It is being written with a focus on a little history, a little entertainment, possibly a little philosophy, seasoned with a liberal amount of home spun comedy, practical jokes and pranks. However, in order to portray my life as my memory dictates, I will be describing the strong faith and spiritual environment I grew up in and the unexpected direction that the road of life guided, or misguided, me for the next 70 plus years. I’ll also note that my father was a dairy farmer on the land he inherited that had been part of the land grant that his great-great grand father received from the Spanish government. The Joiner family history goes back before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  

My mother was a minister of the gospel in addition to being an industrious farm wife. During this narration you will see how I strayed from that path and due to a very powerful experience which came into my life and brought me “Full Circle.”

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